Can I register if I don't have a pool?

If you do not have pool access, you may still register without a pool location. We will work to see if any instructors within your desired driving radius have pool access for your lessons, however we cannot guarantee instructor availability. If there are no nearby instructors with pool access, we will inform you of this and can cancel your registration at that time for no charge.

A few clients use public, rec or gym pools for our lessons, however, we recommend checking with the pool management beforehand. Each facility has their own policies on outside instructors teaching at their location, and some, like the YMCA, don't allow any outside instructors. Unfortunately, there have been cases where clients and instructors have been asked to leave a pool before completing their lessons, and we try to avoid that situation whenever possible. Sometimes our instructors are permitted to teach if the pool doesn't have a swim lesson program or if adult lessons take place during recreation swim hours.

If you do not have access to a pool, we recommend checking out the website of the US Swim School Association for more information about location-based swim schools in your area.

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