Can I use a public pool for lessons?

Sunsational Swim School not only provides our students with tailored swim lessons for all ages, we can also hold those lessons wherever you want. Our swim instructors are able to deliver quality swimming lessons at housing community pool (including apartment, condos and HOA), hotel pools, country club pools, public pools, and even the pool in your own backyard!

We can offer swim lessons at your:
  • Home pool
  • Housing community pool
  • Fitness center pool
  • City/public pool (if permitted)
  • Country Club
  • Hotel or resort make sides even
  • HOA Pool (Condo, Apartment, etc)
  • Any other pool you have access to!

If it's not your own personal pool, we recommend confirming with the facility before registering for lessons that they allow outside instructors to teach at their location.

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