How do you find my instructor?

On your registration form, you let us know about your students, goals, availability and location, and then we will quickly contact nearby instructors about teaching your requested lesson package. Each instructor reviews your requests, and if they have experience with the age group(s) and overlapping availability, they confirm that they are interested in teaching your specific lesson package.  

Once instructors confirm that they can commit to your lessons, we have dedicated matching coordinators whose job it is to look at the experience and availability of the instructors in your area, check it against the information you provided us, and then match you with the instructor they believe will be the best fit for your lessons. Our full-time matching team are experts at doing this selective screening for you.

When you've been officially matched with an instructor, you will get an email from us with the instructor's contact information (along with a bio about them), and your instructor will also receive your contact information. Then both you and the instructor can speak directly and work to finalize a specific schedule of days and times for your lessons.

Instructor availability is not guaranteed. In the rare event that we are unable to pair you with an instructor who is available for your scheduling request or we feel does not have the right experience, we'll contact you to let you know. In any case, you are never billed until we have confirmed and matched you with a qualified instructor. It's part of our zero risk registration--if, in the rare event, we can't find the perfect instructor for your lessons, you won't billed.

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