What is the Learn to Swim Guarantee?

Our Learn to Swim Guarantee is a water safety skillset designed for young beginners. If your child were to jump or be lightly dropped into the water, our instructor teaches them to turn around, kick and grab the wall. 

Most kids are able to learn these skills - and more - within 12 private lessons, but if your child needs more time to meet this goal, we'll give each student up to 4 additional 30 minute lessons free. Here are the general requirements for more lessons:

- 3-17 years old
- At least 12 lessons, 30 minutes private
- Schedule at least 3 times per week
- Pool is at least 82 degrees
- No special needs or extreme fear

The skills attained by your student by the end of the lessons depends on a variety of factors including their age, skill level, and comfort in the water. In general our instructors focus on basic safety skills, including the turn-kick-grab sequence of the Learn to Swim Guarantee. If you have certain skills you would like your child to learn, we recommend speaking with your instructor about your specific goals once you have been matched.

Even if our Learn to Swim Guarantee isn't a good fit for you, water safety will always be our top priority.

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