Do you offer ISR (Infant Self-Rescue)?

We do not offer Infant Self Rescue (ISR) classes. Our infant swim lessons are based on a child-centered and caring approach that focuses on creating fun, positive experiences for babies, which will not only help them to develop physically but also emotionally, intellectually, and socially while equipping them with key safety skills in the water. 

We do not have our instructors teach infant self-rescue, as it can be traumatizing to young children and hinder their progress down the road. We realize this is not the case with all students who participate in ISR, but because of the risks associated with a more aggressive teaching style, we’ve chosen to take a gentler approach to our infant/toddler swim lessons. Our instructors teach through songs and games so that children learn to enjoy the water, while also pushing them within what is developmentally appropriate for their age group.

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