Can I approve/talk to my instructor before I am billed?

We understand if you're concerned about finding the right swim instructor for your family, because we are too! Our office team spends significant time reviewing your requests to ensure you are matched with the best available instructor. Since our matching coordinators do the selective screening, you cannot directly approve your instructor during matching or before billing. However, in the rare case where you feel like your instructor isn't the best fit for your family after the first lesson, we can match you with a new instructor as part of our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Once you are matched with an instructor, you will receive their contact information so you can reach out right away to discuss and schedule your lessons. We also ask our instructors to introduce themselves to new clients within 24 hours. However, we cannot guarantee that you will have talked with your instructor or worked out a lesson schedule before you are billed for the lessons, which happens within 48 hours of your match to reserve your instructor's time.

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